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Bruce A. Ware ||“Beyond Moral Reform,” Reformation & Revival 5:4 (Fall 1996): 15-18.||

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Justification Debate: A Primer [A debate between John Piper and N.T.Wright on the subject of Justification and find out where they stand] Download pdf file from ChristianityToday

Alister E. McGrath ||”To Capture the Imagination of Our Culture: Reflections on Christian Apologetics,” Anvil 23.1 (2005):5-15.||

Clark H. Pinnock, ||“Karl Barth and Christian Apologetics,” Themelios 2.3 (May 1977): 66-71.||

N.T. Wright – ||Justification: The Biblical Basis and its Relevance for Contemporary Evangelicalism (pdf)||     ||New Perspective on Paul (pdf)||     ||How can the Bible be Authoritative?||     ||Romans and the Theology of Paul (pdf)||     ||The Letters to the Galations: Exesis and Theology||     ||Women’s Service in the Church: The Biblical Basis||     ||Jesus and the Identity of God||

Francis J. Beckwith  ||“Why I am Not a Relativist.” In Why I Am A Christian, edited by Norman L. Geisler and Paul K. Hoffman (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House, 2001),15-29 (includes moral argument for God’s existence)||

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R. Albert Mohler, Jr., ||”You Are Bringing Strange Things to Our Ears: Christian Apologetics for a Postmodern Age,” The Southern Baptist Journal of Theology 5.2 (Summer 2001): 18-26.||

Vishal Mangalwadi – ||Five Ways to Salvation in Contemporary Guruism||


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    1. Actually, I don’t have my office. I used to work for Gospel for Asia Nepal and Believers Church Diocese Kathmandu. I don’t have any materials in Tamang but if you visit GFA bookstore or Good News publications, they might be able to help you. Thanks!


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