Tête à Tête

||Uniqueness and Difference of Luke with Other Synoptic Gospels||     ||Institution of the Lord’s Supper and the Upper Room Discourse||     ||Saved by Grace through Faith in Isaiah||     ||My Response to the Problem of Evil||

Journal Review:

||Do the Synoptics Depend on Each Other?||

||There is no Condemnation, but Why?||

||What is the Gospel of John?||

||What is the New Covenant “Law” in Jeremiah 31:33?||

||The Character Of The Lame Mane In Acts 34||

||Romans 8:18-25-The Hope of Creation||

||There is not Condemnation||

||Galatians 2:11-21-Justified by Grace through Faith||

||Journal Review: Preaching for Mission: Ancient Speeches and Postmodern Sermons||

||Journal Review: The Seven in Acts 6 as a Ministry Team by Phillip W. Sell||

Rival Worldviews:

||Christless Christianity and Christ-Consciousness: Spirituality without Truth||

||Nietzsche’s Perspective: Rejection of All Objective Values||

||Shaping Apologetics in a Skeptical Age||

||Opposing Worldviews: Hinduism in Brief||

||Opposing Worldviews: Buddhism in Brief||


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