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Friday Phraseology: Secularism

Secularism: A belief system, attitude or style of life that denies or ignores the reality of God. Derived from a term that means “worldly,” secularism (and its articulate philosophical expression, secular humanism) focuses on the natural order of things as the only reality. Increasingly, however, secularism can be viewed as an attitude that even affects people who claim to believe in God and the supernatural. Much in modern culture pressures people to live in such a way that God is marginal and insignificant to their daily existence. See also humanism.


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Sunday Terminology: Secularism

Secularism: The term comes from Latin root saeculum which refers to a generation, or roughly a lifetime of a person, or an age. It is a nonreligious approach to individual and social life without referencing to God or any organized religions. Secularism is a world and life view that propounds the ungodliness rather than the godliness, the natural rather than the supernatural explanation. “Secular” came to mean “belonging to this age, worldly.”[1] In general, secularism ratifies this-worldly realities opposed to the transcendent, other-worldly realities.


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