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Monday Devotion: Celebrating Submission

Suggestions for Further Reading of Celebration of Discipline

Self-denial leads us into discovering who are in Christ. Every man has his or her name, but the issue here in not an earthly identity rather than seeking heavenly identity God has given to us. When we deny ourselves, the discipline of submission bears fruit of humbleness. It enables us to reach out to other people with love of God. There are some strong evidences from the Bible  that Peter, Paul, and other disciples of Jesus did not lose their identity who they were in Christ. Instead, they were the best examples who denied themselves by submitting to God. They discovered their new identity in God. Thus, self-denial is the only sure way to love ourselves, and have new identity in God. Continue reading Monday Devotion: Celebrating Submission

Monday Devotion: The Discipline of Submission

Reading Notes

The Discipline of Submission has been more abused than other spiritual disciplines.

Submission releases us from the covetousness, and enables us to yield ourselves to each other.

Only submission can free us to distinguish between genuine issues and stubborn self-will.

Submission helps us to value other people, relationship, and enables us to communicate each other in mutual subordination.

Through submission, we overcome our own bitterness and anger which is caused by general feeling of resistance from other people.

Submission adds meaning to our life by breaking the vicious law of commerce and retaliation.

Submission is due the word that has been given in spiritual authority. Continue reading Monday Devotion: The Discipline of Submission

Monday Devotion: John Milton on Submission

John Milton (1609 – 1674)

Background and Context

John Milton is a famous English writer of the seventh century. He is also considered one of the great writers of the English language. He is very gifted and studious man who delights in studies till midnight. Being born into Christian family, Milton had passion to write for Christianity. He wanted to serve God through his poems because he wanted to become an epic poet. He stated that he was an outcome of his father’s intense desire to see him as a man of literature.

Because of his highly edification and gift of oration, Milton was appointed secretary in the government of Oliver Campwell in 1649. But Milton also could not stay away from political and religious controversies at his time because of his controversial writings on the contemporary political situation and divorce. Continue reading Monday Devotion: John Milton on Submission