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Journal Review: The Seven in Acts 6 as a Ministry Team by Phillip W. Sell


Ministry teams are thriving in every local church congregation. These teams are the ones that are formed and dispatched in the area of the ministry where needs are mostly felt. In order to deal with new emerging challenges that come with the healthy growth in the church, Christians are to work together in a team. This team is called the “ministry team”. But the term “ministry team” carries an adverse connotation in the North American churches, since the “team” is highly associated with business corporates.

However, the ministry team was the exemplary fashion and mark of the apostolic church that is modelled to enhance the ministry. This is the featuring element of forming the ministry team of the Seven in Acts 6:1-7, if the historical text is correctly understood. The proposition of the article is to inform the readers that the apostolic concession to the Seven is a temporary ministry-team formation in order to deal with a certain situation for the time being. Therefore, the following pattern should not be taken as a basis to implement the ongoing office of deacons in the church.

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Journal Review:Preaching for Mission: Ancient Speeches and Postmodern Sermons

In her essay “Preaching for Mission: Ancient Speeches and Postmodern Sermon”, Mary E. Hinkle raises a practical and today’s relevant issue of preaching the sermon from the book of Acts. She illustrates how the speeches dominate the actions in the Acts. In another word, the long speeches in Acts have also drawn the hearers in and engaged them with the speakers. Therefore, the author herself being a preacher and teacher, she presents her main idea how the speeches also can communicate powerfully like stories and can reveal the reality they have not known before. In addition, the author discusses about the significance of contextualization of the speeches for preaching in a postmodern world.

To begin with her biblical material or biblical themes in Acts, Hinkle introduces varied collection of speeches from Acts. By hearing or reading these speeches, we can see how they change agreeing with the context or remain the same while the elements of preaching event like the speaker, the setting, the audience, and the audience’s familiarity with the scripture change. The author further states that the apostles in the Acts narrate the story from Israel’s scripture in their speeches. At the same time, they also contextualize their speech with their own experience with Jesus and welcome the response from other people regarding the resurrection of Jesus. In fact, the objectives of the apostles’ speeches are to include narrative stories of God’s interaction with his chosen people and his creation, along with the Promised One, Jesus Christ to save his people. And the apostles immediately encompass the hearers also as a part of that story. Continue reading Journal Review:Preaching for Mission: Ancient Speeches and Postmodern Sermons