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Biblical Nuggets: Deacon

Deacon: Derived from the New Testament Greek word for servant or minister, the office of deacon has always been one of service to the congregation and its leaders, presbyters, priests and bishops. Following a rite described in Acts 6 in which “seven men of good standing” were appointed, deacons have traditionally been ordained. In the Pastoral Epistles of the New Testament, deacons function in ministerial work, often in service to the poor. In the *Post-Nicene church, deacons assisted in worship but would not preside in the eucharistic service. Deacons serve in Protestant denominations in a wide variety of roles. Among Baptists, for example, the board of deacons functions much as the board of elders in other fellowships.

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Monday Devotion: Celebrating Service

I became extremely conscious of my need to cultivate the Christian virtue of humility when I first went to the mission field. I met people who were different from my socio-economic background, traditions, culture, race, ethnicity, and language. Some were very humble than other Christians I met at that time, but some were too harsh that I felt literally nauseous to deal with them. However, I am compelled by love of Christ to love them and share the Word of God to them. It was not possible to deliver the message of justification by faith through grace of Christ unless I demonstrated the Christian character of humility while preach, distribute the gospel tracts, or sell the gospel packets and the New Testament Bible. Continue reading Monday Devotion: Celebrating Service

Monday Devotion: The Discipline of Service


The discipline of service brings great liberty.

The spiritual authority is only can be achieved through voluntarily serving others.

True service comes out from the personal relationship with Jesus.

True service does not announce in public for reward but serve in covertness and be contended.

True service is a lifestyle which serves friend and foe without discrimination and does not calculate the results of serving.

True service builds community by listening others quietly, tenderly, and patiently as well as caring for the needs of others.

The discipline of service brings humility into the life.

The risen Christ has called us to the ministry of voluntary service. Continue reading Monday Devotion: The Discipline of Service

Monday Devotion: Meister Eckhart on Service

Meister Eckhart (1260 – 1328)

Background and Context

Meister Eckhart, also known as John was a German theologian, philosopher, and mystic. He was born in 1260 in Germanic area called Erfurt. He went to study Arts in Paris in 1277, and later he also studied Philosophy at Cologne. During his Bachelor of Theology studies in Paris, he wrote a commentary on the Sentences of Peter Lambard in 1293-94. In 1320, Eckhart graduated with a Master of Theology in Paris. Thus, he was honored the title ‘Meister’ which is ‘Master’ in German referring to his academic achievement as Magister in theologia. Continue reading Monday Devotion: Meister Eckhart on Service