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Free eBook: The Pursuit of the Holy

The Pursuit of the Holy

It’s the most extravagant—and audacious—invitation ever sent: Or in the words of Jesus: “Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.” But can that really happen? Is holiness an achievable goal for sinful human beings? That’s the ultimate focus of this thoughtful, thorough, and engaging study of what it means to be holy. Drawing on the Bible and Christian thinkers through the ages, Simon Ponsonby affirms that because of God’s gracious love and desire for communion with us, he has done what is possible for us not only to pursue holiness, but to achieve it. While we can never count on attaining moral perfection in this life, we need not settle for less than increasing victory over sin. And as more and more Christians choose to partner with God in the ongoing process of sanctification, we set the stage for revival.

Simon Ponsonby

The pastor of theology at St. Aldates Church in Oxford, England, Simon Ponsonby is author of More, God Inside Out, and And the Lamb Wins. He holds two degrees in theology from Trinity College Bristol. A passionate evangelist and thoughtful theologian, Simon is married to Tiffany and they have two children.


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Justification and Roman Catholicism

The literal meaning of Justification is to be declared righteous in the sight of God. It is an act of God, freely given or accounted to those who believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. By no other means, one could be justified and be righteous before God. So, it is grounded solely on the work of Christ. This righteousness of Christ is imputed in us, as we receive him by faith.

The Protestant understanding of justification is rejected by the Roman Catholics. They believe that believers also need to do good work. Faith in Jesus alone is not enough to be justified. For this reason, man must work for his own salvation. They mixed up Justification with Sanctification. Nevertheless, we do good work not be justified but it is the sole purpose and goal of Justification. Therefore, the righteousness of Christ is not infused in us but imputed in us.