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Biblical Nuggets: “Logos Christology” of Justin Martyr

Justin Martyr (103-165 A.D.), also known as Saint Justin, was an early Christian apologist. He wrote apologies and dialogues to defend the Christian Faith from false charges that were brought against Christianity. However, only two apologies and a dialogue survived till this day. Majority of his works are lost in the history.

In his “Logos Christology,” Justin Martyr tries to articulate the relation between the First and the Second Godhead of the Trinity, the Father and the Son, borrowing the language of Logos from the Gospel of John 1. We might say it the Logos Theory. He draws the analogy between the Spoken Word and the Divine Word from John 1, “In the beginning…” The Spoken Word has power and its independent existence and influence. For example, when I speak, words from my mouth go forth which are my own. They bear my authority. Thus, I am not diminished. Continue reading Biblical Nuggets: “Logos Christology” of Justin Martyr