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Monday Devotion: The Discipline of Confession

The Discipline of Confession 

Reading Notes

Crucifixion of Jesus Christ makes confession and the forgiveness of sins possible.

Confession is the mean of healing and transforming the inner spirit.

The discipline of confession helps the believer to grow into fullness of Jesus Christ.

Genuine confession becomes possible because of God’s grace and love.

Our presumption of the believing community as the fellowship of saints rather than the fellowship of redeemed sinner keeps us from genuine confession of our sins.

Mutual confession releases power to heal us from the deep sins and transforms us.

Confession begins in sorrow, but it ends in joy.

Confession leads us to change and brings an end to pretense.

Reflecting on Confession 

Sin is a universal element of the human condition which is contrary to God’s righteousness and holiness. Sin produces rampant characteristics in humanity which breaks the rules of God. In other words, sin leads to immorality and is a constraint of human conscience.  Continue reading Monday Devotion: The Discipline of Confession