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Michael Licona: “Is Jesus the Only Way?”

Dr. Mike Licona gives talk on the whole issues of heaven and hell; who goes there and how they go there alongside many ways versus One Way. He addresses some of Rob Bell’s comments, raised in his book Love Wins.

In this audio, Licona covers 3 Major Positions :

(1) Universalism – everyone will be saved; no one will be lost, and eventually go to heaven apart from their faith in Jesus Christ.

(2) Exclusivism – Jesus is the Only Way to heaven and apart from faith in Jesus, there is no hope and other way for any human being to go to heaven.

(3) Inclusivism – Jesus is the only God, but he can save people from all faith. He keeps all possibilities open to save them when they sincerely following a god and morally living good lives. Therefore, Jesus is not particular whom you believe and follow. So people of all faith end up going to heaven as long as they live sincere and moral lives.

4 Tough Questions:

(1) What about those who never heard the Gospel?

(2) What about babies who died before they came to the Saving Knowledge of Christ or mentally handicapped?

(3) What about sincere and good person who lived moral life?

(4) What about being tolerant to other people and live life in harmony?

For Audio mp3, click here (42:52 min.)

Interview: Mike Licona Answers Bart Ehrman

Mike Licona, an apologist, Apologetics Coordinator at the North American Mission Board (NAMB) and Research Professor of the New Testament of Southern Evangelical Seminary sits with Mike Ebert to answer the questions that Bart D. Ehrman raised during their debate in Southern Evangelical Seminary. Ehrman argues that the Gospels are very unreliable and contradictory with each other.

This is an edited segment of a 4-part video series.

Click here to watch complete 4-part video series.

Interview: Jeremy A. Evans on The Problem of Hell

What is hell? Is it real place for eternal damnation? What does it entail? Did Jesus mean it literally or metaphorically? What is the doctrine of hell, and why should anyone believe in hell? What about universalism or annihilationism? What is the fate of those who have not received Jesus as the Savior? If God is a loving God that we preach, then how could a loving God send people to hell? Does this act not contradict to his loving nature? These questions are not easy ones to answer for anyone. This is a must-listen interview by Mike Licona to Dr. Jeremy Evans of the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. In this interview, Evans discusses various differing and divided views concerning the nature of hell held by Christians. For further study, check out Four Views on Hell.

“Hell is a place of separation from God”

Find it at 4Truth.net, an excellent resource.

Full Interview Audio mp3 here. (1 hr)