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DA Carson – How Do You Explain the Gospel in Five Minutes

Don’t Know How to Share the Gospel? Tell People “Come and See”

This excerpt is from my sermon series called, Experiencing Jesus:Unexpectedly Finding the Expected Messiah

We invite our unbelieving family and friends to the church, despite it being neither a pleasant place for them to be nor a perfect place for them to spend time together in an intimate dialogue. This is a place that can be as weird as it could be for a non-believer. All the music, songs and the sermon can be pretty boring for someone who has no intention whatsoever to know Christ personally. Yet, we must help them understand this that the church is not a mass of perfect individuals but a bunch of former liars, wicked, slanderers, fornicators, murderers and you name it but now transformed by the divine power of the Holy Spirit. Also this is vitally important to let them know that no person who identify themselves with Christ in the congregation came to Jesus clean and without guilt.

Everyone has their own story that they wish they could travel back to time and undo it. Nevertheless, it is redeemed by Jesus through the completed work on the cross. Those people have become a church, a body of believers, which is an assembly of God’s sanctified people. This is where some even weirdest things happen. This is where God is going to meet his corporate body. God is also going to meet the unbelieving persons with rest of his people when we bring them to the church. Thus, we should never hold back to invite people in the church. Simply tell them to come and see if you do not know how to share the Gospel.


Sabbatum Excerpt: John Hick on Evil

“In the Christian scriptures, the climax of this history of evil is the crucifixion of Jesus, which is presented not only as a case of utterly unjust suffering, but as the violent and murderous rejection of God’s Messiah. There can be no doubt, then, that for biblical faith, evil is unambiguously evil, and stands in direct opposition to God’s will.” [1]


[1] “John Hick: There Is a Reason Why God Allows Evil.” Philosophy: The Quest for Truth. Ed. Louis P. Pojman and Lewis Vaughn. 7th ed. New York: Oxford UP, 2009. 122-23. Print.