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Meister Eckhart’s Doctrine of Union with God by Yakuv Gurung

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Monday Devotion: Meister Eckhart on Service

Meister Eckhart (1260 – 1328)

Background and Context

Meister Eckhart, also known as John was a German theologian, philosopher, and mystic. He was born in 1260 in Germanic area called Erfurt. He went to study Arts in Paris in 1277, and later he also studied Philosophy at Cologne. During his Bachelor of Theology studies in Paris, he wrote a commentary on the Sentences of Peter Lambard in 1293-94. In 1320, Eckhart graduated with a Master of Theology in Paris. Thus, he was honored the title ‘Meister’ which is ‘Master’ in German referring to his academic achievement as Magister in theologia. Continue reading Monday Devotion: Meister Eckhart on Service