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Biblical Nuggets: Mary as “Theotokos”

Mary as theotokos (Θεοτοκος), meaning “God-bearer” or “Mother of God”

Theotokos, obviously the title given to Mary, the mother of Jesus by the Eastern Orthodox, Eastern Catholic Churches, and Oriental Orthodox. It literally means the one who bears God or Mary as the God-bearer or Mother of God. This view denies the humanity of Jesus Christ. The problem to his view is Jesus is not fully God at any time. Word does not become flesh.

Christians understand God as the origin of everything. He has no beginning; therefore, he has no mother, so to speak theologically. Christians believe that God the Son (Jesus) is begotten of the Father from all the eternity, as Nicene Creed clearly states. He is just born “in time” as the Second Person of the Holy Trinity of Mary.