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Biblical Nuggets: Fideism

Fideism: The view that matters of religious and theological truth must be accepted by faith apart from the exercise of reason. In its extreme, fideism suggests that the use of reason is misleading. Less extreme fideists suggest that reason is not so much misleading as it is simply unable to lead to truths about the nature of God and *salvation.[1]


[1] Stanley J. Grenz; David Guretzki; Cherith Fee Nordling. Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms (Kindle Locations 552-554). Kindle Edition.


Sunday Terminology: Fideism

Fideism: a view that our religious knowledge is not, and ought not to be, based upon rational or natural information, but solely on faith. The general contention of the fideists has usually been that religious knowledge is beyond the limits of a person’s rational faculties and understanding. Hence what human beings must do in order to obtain religious knowledge is first to recognize the hopelessness of accomplishing this by rational means, and then seek knowledge of God by faith alone.[1]

[1] Richard H. Popkin and Avrum Stroll Philosophy Made Simple: A complete Guide to the World’s Most Important Thinkers and Theories. ed. 7th (New York: Bantam Doubleday Dell, 1993), p. 170.