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Biblical Nuggets: General Revelation

General Revelation: Term used for the knowledge about God that he makes possible through the natural world, including general religious experiences of awe and dependence. Defenders of general revelation have usually claimed that it is sufficient only to give us knowledge of the existence of a powerful Creator, though some have argued that the goodness of God can also be seen in the natural order. General revelation is distinguished from the *special revelation God has provided on particular occasions in history through prophets, apostles and supremely (for Christians) Jesus of Nazareth. Special revelation provides more concrete knowledge of the character and actions of God in relation to his creation. See also revelation.

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Paul Copan on the Problem of Evil

Tomorrow, the USA as a nation is going to commemorate the day as a Memorial Day – the day around 3000 people lost their lives in the terrorist attacks in the Twin Towers in New York City and Pentagon in September 11, 2001. The whole nation mourned and shocked in disbelief that the most powerful nation in the world was under heinous terrorist attack. People from all walks of lives questioned how that could have happened! Followed by the 9/11 incident, Christian faith on the existence of good, powerful, and benevolent God was put under fire. Our faith was challenged. Many Christian ministers and apologists were posed with the classical questions about the existence of God and the problem of the evil in academia as well as invited to debate in public.

In this video, Paul Copan, a Christian theologian, apologist, analytic philosopher and author provides a brief summary of the problem of evil and answers to the questions how good God can allow something evil happen in the world if He is all-powerful and all-good.

Sunday Terminology: Immaterialism

Immaterialism: Berkeley’s philosophical theory, known as “Immaterialism” is a notion that everything we perceive is an idea that belongs to minds and cannot have an existence independent of minds. It denies the existence of matter or material substance. The summary of his theory in motto “esse est percipi”  or “To be is to be perceived”. Basically, what we have is only ideas in the mind; and there are no material objects. Therefore, only ideas that we perceive in the mind are real.

Berkeley also argued for Idealism – a concept that mind constitutes the Ultimate Reality. Since an idea depends on mind and has no independent existence of its own, any thing that exists depends on how it is being perceived. And mind is the single substance that has its independent existence and infinite in nature. Thus, it is God.