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Monday Devotion: Clare of Assisi on Simplicity

Clare of Assisi (1194 – 1253)

Background and Context

Clare of Assisi was born to a noble family in Assisi in 1194. At the age of seventeen, she gave her life to the Lord in 1211. Francis of Assisi was an influential clerk of God at his time. Many lives were touched by his life, and Clare was also one of them who were converted under the influence of Francis of Assisi.

Quite after her conversion, Clare left her parental home. She received haven from Francis on March 18-19, 1212. The Church of Portiuncula provided her shelter. Clare’s conversion became a channel to bring her sister Agnes to be saved in the Lord. Clare’s mother and her sister, Beatrice also added into number of believers. Later, Clare founded a community called “Poor Clares”. She devoted her life for people living under poverty, simplicity, and service. In 1215 – 16, Clare’s community received grant from Pope Innocent III to take vow of poverty.

She was widely recognized for her holy living and influence. It was believed that her holy devotion to Eucharist also influenced Assisi from assaulting Saracens at that time. However, she became ill and confined to bed until her death, she involved in the community she founded. She struggled for approval of Rule of her community, but the Rule was only approved on August 9, 1253 just two days before her death. Besides, Roman Catholic Church also honored her as a saint after her death. Continue reading Monday Devotion: Clare of Assisi on Simplicity