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Biblical Nuggets: Augustinian Hypothesis

Augustinian Hypothesis: The opinion of *Augustine that the current canonical order of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) is the actual chronological order in which they were composed.

Arthur G. Patzia;Anthony J. Petrotta. Pocket Dictionary of Biblical Studies (p. 17). Kindle Edition.

Engagement with the Enterprise of Faith Seeking Understanding

The enterprise of Faith Seeking Understanding is the attempt to better understand and articulate the truths found in the scripture not going beyond the scripture. It is not merely an approach to turn our belief into knowledge but turning out faith-knowledge to understanding-knowledge.

It begins with God and his revelation. So we apply our reason to explain something that must be coherent with the teachings of the scripture. However, it has risks while using philosophy in religion. There could be potential different understandings between philosophers. Sometimes philosophical logic or reason can undermine our faith. But in order to understand the concept of loving God with mind, it can help us to grasp this idea.

Early christians and theologians were involved in the Faith Seeking Understanding enterprise to defend Christianity from the torrent attacks from the world. Justin martyr and Augustine of Hippo are two of those people who were influenced by Greek philosophy. Later, they used their Greek philosophical knowledge to articulate the christian truth effectively to the world.