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Friday Phraseology: Codex

Codex: The “book” form (as opposed to a scroll) of an ancient manuscript of either papyrus or vellum. The codex was first used by the Romans for business and legal transactions but was also utilized by the early church as they collected and bound



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Sabbatum Excerpt: Sir William Ramsay on the Trustworthiness of Luke’s Gospel Account

William Ramsey, a noted historian and archaeologist, set out to prove that Luke’s history was filled with errors but emerged from his study surprised, saying, “Luke’s history is unsurpassed in trustworthiness.” He discovered that Cyrenius was twice governor of Syria, first when Christ was born and again at a later period. The cycle of census shows that the approximate one recorded by Luke was in 6-5 B.C., which is the commonly accepted date of Christ’s birth. [1]


[1] Erwin W. Lutzer, Seven Reasons Why You can Trust the Bible (Chicago, IL: Moody Press, 1998), 75.