Spiritual Classics

Spiritual Classics:

The Inward Spiritual Disciplines:

Prayer – ||Prayer – Agnes Sanford||     ||The Discipline of Prayer||     ||Celebration of Prayer||

Fasting – ||Fasting – William Law||     ||The Discipline of Fasting||     ||Celebration of Fasting||

Study – ||Study – Lilias Trotter||     ||The Discipline of Study||     ||Celebration of Study||

The Outward Spiritual Discipline

Simplicity – ||Clare of Assisi – Simplicity||    ||The Discipline of Simplicity||     ||Celebration of Simplicity||

Solitude – ||Solitude – Thomas á Kempis||     ||The Discipline of Solitude||     ||Celebration of Solitude||

Submission – ||Submission – John Milton||     ||The Discipline of Submission||     ||Celebration of Submission||

Service – ||Meister Eckhart on Service||     ||The Discipline of Service||     ||Celebration of Service||

The Corporate Disciplines

Confession – ||Dorothy L. Sayers on Confession||     ||The Discipline of Confession||     ||Celebration of Confession||

Worship – ||Charles Wesley on Worship||     ||The Discipline of Worship||     ||Celebration of Worship||

Guidance –

Celebration –


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