Ambassadorial Scholarship


CAFN has setup the Ambassadorial Scholarship/Grant for Nepal based students/ministers who want to pursue their theological education for ministry in Nepal. The sheer goal and vision of the Ambassadorial Scholarship and Grant is to offer the opportunity to attend Bible schools or trainings for young men and women of integrity, Christian character and genuine commitment and help them to respond to their calling for Christian vocation.

At present, we have been sponsoring people who we know in a personal level. We recognize that your responsibility toward your local church cannot be minimized by any means and they also have their own needs. But if you feel that the Spirit is leading you to contribute to this ministry to support someone for their academic studies either in a big or small scale, please consider CAFN Ambassadorial Ministry in your prayer. Feel free to write to us.

[The applicant for the CAFNepal Ambassadorial Scholarship/Grant must complete the forms and send them to the following address.]

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Ambassadorial Ministry

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