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Sunday Terminology: Libertarianism

Libertarianism (metaphysical). In *ethics and *metaphysics, the view that human beings sometimes can will more than one possibility. According to this view, a person who freely made a particular choice could have chosen differently, even if nothing about the past prior to the moment of choice had been different. Libertarianism therefore rejects the *compatibilist view that *free will and *determinism are consistent. [1]


[1] Evans, C. Stephen (2010-04-28). Pocket Dictionary of Apologetics & Philosophy of Religion (Kindle Locations 1024-1027). Intervarsity Press. Kindle Edition.

Nietzsche’s Perspective: Rejection of All Objective Values

As the world is progressing in this millennium, the words of German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche – “God is dead” – are still echoing louder than ever before in the history of our time. This statement has been notably his widely known and esteemed remark on religions, especially organized and rational religion such as Christianity. His blatant pronouncement of the death of God necessarily does not reflect a literal sense of God as a living being once lived and died; however, he meant Christian God to be dead. When God is dead, all the universal ethical moral values of human life and the objective truth of the universe also follow suit which leaves a man to replace God to become a god himself.

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