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What God has Joined Together

By Arptas de Najraham.

The opinions expressed in this essay are solely those of Arptas de Najraham.

Nobody likes the way things are supposed to be. The perfect thing for people to do is to be in absolute awe of God and worship Him with all our hearts, minds, and strength; but we do not do that. We aspire to do that but gradually get distracted with the things of the world. Since the fall, nothing has been the way it was supposed to be: our relationship with God, the way we are to relate with people in perfect love and respect, nothing!

Christians, who believe that God has not condemned homosexuality, should know that God has not said anywhere that homosexual marriage is allowed either. In our sinfulness, we people have created idols and worshiped them as gods. Similarly, homosexual unions have followed that trend. Heterosexual union is what God intended, but sub-images of marriage have corrupted that holy union. Therefore, though authors Myer and Scanzon have made an affirmative biblical, psychological, and sociological case for the goodness of gay marriage, I take the courage to differ and say that goodness does not necessarily mean right. Continue reading What God has Joined Together

Monday Devotion: Thomas à Kempis on Solitude

Thomas à Kempis  (c.1379 – 1471)

Background and Context

Thomas à Kempis, a classic devotion contributor to Christian world in fourteenth century was a member of the Brethren of the Common life. It was a religious community found in Holland to provide education and care for the poor. Kempis was a well educated intellectual icon of his time who was a spiritual director in a branch of the Augustinians. In other words, Kempis was a spiritual leader to lead young men into spirituality who wanted to learn under the order of Augustinian. Continue reading Monday Devotion: Thomas à Kempis on Solitude