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Why So Much Unbelief (I)?

Why so much Unbelief?

A. The Universal Knowability of God

We can see the unfathomable glory of God in his creation. He has revealed himself through his creation. The created things around us magnificently bear the distinct mark of the creativity of the Creator. These marks are the blueprint, by means God reveals himself. This is the testimony of General Revelation.

The testimony of the Special Revelation is the Word of God that he has given to us. He speaks to us particularly through the logos, the written word of God – the Bible.

Despite these revelations, we do not lack people who discredit the word of God as a myth or the historical Jesus as a legend. In this present age, Christian faith is under fire from the rigorous attack from atheism, whether it is a practical atheist or a theoretical atheist. Practical atheists are those who believe in God but simply live and act like an atheist. Contrarily, the theoretical atheists are those who reject God after examining the issue and find no reason to believe that God exists.

Why, then, so much unbelief in this world? Is it simply because they did not see God’s autograph ever found in anything, anywhere in this world? Is there not a single burden of proof in the world for believing in the existing of God? Continue reading Why So Much Unbelief (I)?