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What is CAFN?

We are Christ’s Ambassadors for Nepal. Each disciple of Jesus Christ is an emissary to this world where we represent Jesus and proclaim the message of God’s Kingdom. We believe what we speak must reflect how we live as a messenger of God.

Having said this, we also believe we are called to live our faith according to His Holy Scripture. In the secular world, often our faith demands defense from attacking of rival worldviews. We stand up to the demands of defense not because God needs defense, but his people need help to stand firm in their faith by fighting against doubts. Apologetics can be a great help to believers to stand against the opposite stream.

Apologetics is easily misunderstood and simply confined to debating with people of different faiths, hence it carries the awry connotation of “always disagreeing or debating against” with those who do not share the same faith. Here, we want to take Apologetics to a new level of understanding which is defending your faith by communicating the biblical world and life view effectively without compromising with the core teaching of the Bible. We emphasize conversational apologetics – an evangelistic warm relational approach with love, grace, and mercy.

This is simply a blog that seeks to inform Nepalese Christians and seekers about Christian life and world view, provide resources and educate about Christianity in nutshell. As people from Eastern Religion do not rationalize everything as in the west, some of questions and issues raised in the West seem very irrelevant to our culture and society. For almost all religious people group in the East, especially in Nepal, it does not matter whether the Vedas are true or not. Any Hindu devotee  never doubts of his/her 330,000,000 gods and goddesses ever existed in the world. Or, if Gautam Buddha taught certain philosophy or not! They never bother to ask if the sacred books are contradictory or full of error.

The school of thought in the East is completely different than in the West. They do not have a problem with believing anything if that is referred to sacred books or priests. So, the issue in the East that needs to be addressed is lesser philosophical but more existential one. What we have posted on this blog might seem off the topic sometimes. Nevertheless, it is always good to know about people of other faith and cultural background to share your faith with them.

We are here to inform you what we believe and why. And we also want  you to think why you believe a certain thing what you believe. Since, this blog tends to be a forum for our Nepalese Christian believers, you may want open discussion on anything related to Christianity. Also, you may post devotions, questions, reply to, and publish articles here.


2 thoughts on “About us”

  1. Hi guys you are doing a great job. Keep it up. I cannot understand all these, but i believe and pray that the Gospel be spread all over our country


  2. Of course, you do. When you are sharing your faith to someone, you are, in fact, defending your faith explicitly against other world and life views. You are reasoning why you believed in Christ. You are consciously or subconsciously rationalizing the truth you hold to be true.


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