Sabbatum Excerpt: Tim Keller on Evil and Suffering

“It is only in the past 200 years, Keller argues, that Westerners have used evil and sufferings as an argument against the existence (or goodness) of God. He is especially critical of the modern and secular view of suffering., which places all confidence in human reason and assumes that God, if he exists at all, exists solely to make us happy. This view helps explain why so many people avoid suffering at all costs, do their best to manage and minimize it once it interrupts their lives, and often held to utter hopelessness when it persists. In the end, a secular view leaves us empty and alone, stripped of answers, devoid of all comfort and confidence.”

Sittser, Gerald L. “Through Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares: Tim Keller Shows Us How to Endure Suffering without Losing Hope.” Rev. of Walking with God through Pain and SufferingChristianity Today Jan.-Feb. 2014: 62-63. Print.



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