Zealous to Mislead. Why not Become Zealous to Save?

Recently, I noticed that the presence of Jehovah’s Witnesses is getting thicker in my neighborhood. Just last week, a woman in her 70s rang the door bell in my house for what they are probably best known for. A group of women was knocking on door-to-door to distribute the literature. Upon opening the door for her while holding a baby in one arm, she handed me a tract and asks if I believed in resurrection.

Today I bumped into another woman in her late 60 in the office of Secretary of State. I had my child with me. She approached me with big smile. I thought she was smiling at my child, since little kids draw attention of most adults. As she was less than 10 inches closer to me, I knew now that she was not smiling at my cute child but faking that big smile to simply hand me the same tract that I received a week ago which read whether I believed in the resurrection. I was shocked and blown away by the fact that she was in her walker thus could not walk without the help of the walker. Yet, she was out there in the cold chilling day in the mall to hand out the tracts and spread her belief.

Are evangelicals really slacking when it comes to reach out in public? Yes. In this pluralistic society where truth is relative is not so unopposed to Christianity. The excuse of opposition, however, does not hold much water in its claim. Do not get me wrong, as I am not saying that we have to follow the exact example of those people that I have mentioned earlier. What I am saying is that we can reach out to people in our neighborhood and introduce ourselves. Handing the Gospel tract is not the only way to introduce Jesus to people. Your neighbor next door might not be far away in terms of geography but in a personal level, we can be way too distant from each other. We might not have been able to connect to each other or relate to because we see them someone different than “I”. Have we introduced ourselves to them? Do we have that sort of zeal to earn the name “Christian” just as early believers in Antioch had? If JWs can invest their so much time and effort to knock on door-to-door and mislead the souls away, can we, at least, commit to pray for our church and people who are working in the ground to bind the wounded souls and bring the healing through the Holy Spirit?  Or how about inviting people who are broken  to partake with you in your table? Or how about we extend our helping hands little bit to partner in the Gospel by taking the financial burden off of our missionary brothers and sisters? Why do we not become zealous to reach out our lost sisters and brothers with love of Jesus Christ?

What if we take the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) and the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:36-40) seriously and live it out?


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