Not Such a Thing as Christian Yoga


The word, ‘Yoga’ has become a very marketable offer in the competitive marketplace of health and fitness. Many metropolises in the United States of America have been attracted to Yoga recently. The allies in those metropolises are decorated with commercial hoarding boards of Yoga centers. They seem, to great extent, succeeded to lure people by promising to change our lifestyle inward as well as outward through Yoga practices. In this enticement, not even churches are exception subscribing to Yoga without understanding its deeper meaning, purpose, and significance. Thence, Yoga has been adopted as a trendy idea of physical exertion among the Christians which has, in fact, surreptitiously invaded the Christian conscience as a counterfeit spirituality. Yoga cannot be taken as a mere form of ‘working out’ without the aspects of spirituality deeply founded in Eastern Vedic theology and Yoga philosophy.

Generally, Yoga is understood in terms of the system as…

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