Sabbatum Excerpt: Is Jesus’ Resurrection the Only Explanation?

David strauss delivered the historical deathblow to the swoon theory held by Karl Venturini, Heinrich Paulus, and others. On the other hand, while Strauss popularized the hallucination theory, Friedrich Schleiermacher and Paulus pointed out errors in it. The major decimation of the halluciantion theory came later in the century at the hands of Theodor Keim. Liberal scholars had long before dismissed fraud theories, while the legend theories, popular later in the century, were disproved by later critical research. So these scholars demolished each other’s theories, thereby burying the major naturalistic attempts to account for Jesus’ resurrection by the late 1800s.[1]


[1] Gary H. Habermas and J.P. Moreland, Beyond Death (Wheaton, Ill.: Crossway, 1998), 125. Print.


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