One Year Bible Plans

Last year, we posted on One Year Bible Plan little earlier than the new year. This year, time has slipped; however, it is not too late to plan your Bible Study for a year. The One Year Bible Plan helps you to study the entire Bible in a year. If you have not owned one, you may go online and download one of your favorite plans in YouVersion or buy one from online or local Christian bookstores.

One Year Bible Plan is very helpful for several reasons:

  • It is planned to help you finish reading the entire Bible in a year
  • You are not going to miss or read random chapter or book as you go with the planned date
  • It helps you to develop habit of reading the Bible every day.
  • It will take only 15-20 minutes of your day but still you can take so much out of it after reading the Word of God.

Some of them are listed below.

NIV One Year Bible

NIV Chronological One Year Bible

ESV One Year Bible

KJV One Year Bible

NKJV One Year Bible

MacArthur Daily Bible


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