Recovery From The Western Blueprint Evangelism

By Khechyon Maharjan

My take on this topic is not to condemn the Western Christianity. Rather I would like to point out to the history and learn from it. Back in mid 20th century, Western Churches and missions realized why pouring millions, if not billions, of dollars in Asia and South Africa failed to bear fruits in the mission field. Churches from the West thought that their evangelistic model, tools and guidelines would be the best mean to win souls of those who were utterly marinated into animism and civilized into pluralistic society.

The West imposed their understanding of the Gospel into very different culture with distinctive values and characteristics. And history is there for us to learn how badly they failed until they realized that their blueprint evangelism would not work in the context they were toiling at the time. They trained indigenous people to reach out to their people in their context in their own language.

Indigenous churches have flourished since the western blueprint for evangelism is not strictly followed or implemented. However, the western branded Christianity and its ghost of worship, parroting doctrine, and individualistic salvation culture have been serenely haunting Nepalese churches. This is not only our problem but half of the globe has gotten the same branded imported Christianity from the West.


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