Personal Reflection on Christian Worldview

by Satya Maharjan

Christian Worldview:

The Christian worldview begins with belief that this world was created in a certain time and period in history by God of the Bible. God meant this world to be good, but the humanity’s rebellion against God caused it to be tainted with sin. It no more became the good world that God once created and became one that was full of sin, evil, and suffering.

Yet the loving creator God has not abandoned His people and His creation. He had a divine plan to redeem it. Thus he sent His only begotten Son Jesus for that very purpose. Due to his sacrifice, we know that this world and His people will come to its original form of goodness again. Until then, we seek to be in right relationship with God living in his holiness.

Hence, we are people loved by God. We were created in His image sharing in the fellowship of his image. We have been given the authority and stewardship of overseeing and cultivating creation. And we have to recognize the original intention for His creation before the fall. Also we then should recognize our role as Christians to reassert that creational goodness and restore it both personally and structurally with the continual recognition that there is this spiritual conflict between the kingdom of light and kingdom of darkness.

Personal Reflection:

Just as I assessed these two Eastern worldviews – Hinduism and Buddhism –  in the previews posts, I found them very complex. More I come to understand, more I become confused to find coherent connection between their internal complexities of the doctrine. I hardly am able to trace the thread that holds their fundamental beliefs in a consistent way. Still I find these studies helpful in my personal life and ministry enrichment purpose.

Being born in a Hindu-Buddhist traditional family, I already had some hints about the belief system of Hinduism and Buddhism. The Christian worldview is now proven a concrete foundation for me to know who I am in Christ. After knowing the different worldviews, we can minister people from these two different faiths more effectively.

As Hindus believe that all paths lead to the same destiny, they try hard to follow the karmic laws. They would never trade their belief in Karma and reincarnation. In both cases of Buddhism and Hinduism, we can tell them in love that how Jesus had fulfilled all the laws and set us free from the bondage of sin. Vedic literatures talk about human sacrifice as the highest karma. Thus, the crucifixion of Jesus on the cross is the karma they have been anticipating and trying to achieve that objectivity through their animal sacrificial system.


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