Sabbatum Excerpt: J.I. Packer on Future Theological Challenges

“We are going to have to fight much more against religious pluralism, the idea that all religions are on a par, that all religions are ways to God. It will take us also a couple of decades to get out of the swamp of what’s called postmodernism, where you have no notion of absolute truth. In the churches, we will have to be constantly speaking against that because God does speak truth.

We also need to recover a true understanding of human life, a sense of the greatness of the soul. We need to recover the awareness that God is more important than we are, that the future life is more important than this one….That would give people a view of the significance of their lives on a day-to-day basis, which so many at the moment lack.”[1]


[1] Leadership: A Practical Journal for Church Leade. Interview: Children of a Larger God: How Good Theology Expands the Soul. 3rd ed. Vol. 19. N.p.: n.p., 1998. 113. Print.

Note: the full interview can be accessed online here.



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