Biblical Nuggets: The “Formula of Reunion”

The “Formula of Reunion”

After the First Council at Ephesus that condemned both John of Antioch and Nestorian’s view as heresy in 431 A.D., Cyril of Alexandria approached John to work out in their theological differences and reconcile with each other by compromising on certain doctrinal differences. This reconciliation is known as the “Formula of Reunion” that took place in 433 A.D.

In this formula, Antiochenes acknowledged Cyril’s view of referring the Virgin Mary as the theotokos or “Mother of God” was appropriate. Same way, Cyril also acknowledged the Antiochenian understanding of Chris’s bearing “two natures” – human nature that is distinguishable from his divine nature – that Jesus is “Logos made flesh (John 1:1, 14).”

The ultimate solution of the “Formula of Reunion” is: Jesus Christ as one person but two distinctive nature – human and divine.


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