Biblical Nuggets: Generic Meaning of Baptism


The generic term for Baptism derived from the Greek term “βαπτιζω” (baptizo) which means “to dip something into an element or liquid.”[1] However, it does not always mean “to immerse.”

It is an ordinance or sacrament that Jesus instituted right away he began his earthly ministry. He also intended the church to observe this sacrament until his Second Coming in the End Days.

Over periods of time in the history, the meaning of the term also developed in three stages:

  1. First stage of usage: it does mean to utterly immerse
  2. Second stage of usage: immerse anything into liquid for the sake of any influence
  3. Third stage of usage: to affect by any controlling influence without the condition of immersion

Four Constituent Parts

a. One who baptizes (baptizer)

b. One who is baptized (baptisee)

c. The element by which one is baptized

d. Purpose of baptism

[1] Easton, Easton’s Bible Dictionary, e-Sword, Ver. 9.8.3, Dictionary, Acts 17:18. Computer Software.


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