Monday Devotion: Vocation in the Kingdom of God

1. Kingdom of God is the entire domain of the whole universe in which his Sovereignty reigns. His Kingdom represents the heavens and the earth.

2. My role as a follower of Christ in the Kingdom is to do good and seek justice – seek the Kingdom of God and his righteousness first, preach the gospel, make disciples, serve the church, and build up Christian community. Nevertheless, I am a “Kingdom person” abided by his law of love to serve the Kingdom effectively with proper Christian education.

3. The concept of a prime citizen is a person who has considered the divine calling of God in his life. He is chosen by God for his service in the Sovereign Kingdom. A prime citizen does not only long for joy but also for God. The special emphasis of a prime citizen is to seek the Kingdom of God, bring justice and reject and hate cruelty. Therefore, a prime citizen’s responsibility is to work as “Kingdom person” and fight against ungodly acts.

4. The full value of Christian education is the factor that helps us to know or consider our call from God. Meantime, it prepares the way for our vocation – calling.


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