Monday Devotion: The Discipline of Service


The discipline of service brings great liberty.

The spiritual authority is only can be achieved through voluntarily serving others.

True service comes out from the personal relationship with Jesus.

True service does not announce in public for reward but serve in covertness and be contended.

True service is a lifestyle which serves friend and foe without discrimination and does not calculate the results of serving.

True service builds community by listening others quietly, tenderly, and patiently as well as caring for the needs of others.

The discipline of service brings humility into the life.

The risen Christ has called us to the ministry of voluntary service.

Reflecting on Service

The practice of service is not simply utilizing our spare time for a while. It is God given ministry to serve other people without seeking any credits for ourselves. The discipline of service cannot be brought out by our own efforts. The interpersonal relationship with God only makes it possible to be a servant to serve other. God brings many people in our lives. We should seek to serve them without any selfish motives. To welcome and serve the strangers is the commandment of God.

A Light for the Path

“For I have set you an example, that you also should do as I have done to you” John 13:15

Think of yourselves in the upper room in the event of the Passover. Jesus comes and wash your feet. How would you feel? Probably, you will feel confused, puzzled and feel embarrassed at the same time, as our Master comes to wash my feet. The disciples feet were cracked and caked with dirt and sand. They should have felt lethargic after walking several miles in the sun. Someone from the group had to wash feet of all, but they were hesitating to wash feet and to be considered as a least and servant. They were all looking at each other with a firm determination for not going to wash feet of all disciples and be known as the least one among all. They seemed willing to wash feet of Jesus alone!

Jesus came up with a towel and bowl of water which broke the silence in the room. He started washing disciples’ feet and dried them by towel. Jesus’ voluntary service shattered the casual notion of service. Indeed, the scene was awkward when a Teacher and Master becomes a servant and humbles him to his disciples’ feet. He showed the best example of service ever presented in the heaven and in the earth. He practiced his spiritual authority by serving the disciples. He did not only teach and command to serve other voluntarily or do such and such, but he himself did and exemplified what he said. Through setting the example in action, he epitomized the character of servant, so that we might be able to learn from him to follow his footsteps.


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