Monday Devotion: Celebrating Worship

Reflecting on God’s unfailing love and forgiveness most often prompt our heart and mind to worship God. Often times, we think that our grave sin would not be forgiven anymore. We feel guilty or fall short of our sinful thoughts and behaviors. The evil side of our human heart casts doubt on the grace and forgiveness of Christ.  We start doubting why God would forgive our sins. More we doubt more we become vulnerable. But God prevails upon our sinful thoughts and doubts. He heals our broken hearts, as He draws us to Him for His glory. Then His healing works in our life channel us to worship Him in a complete awe and confidence.

Through the practice of worship, our life is transformed eventually. It is obvious that heart with pride cannot worship God.  It needs patience, because we wait upon the Lord. The discipline of worship shapes our spiritual traits in the area of patience, humbleness, and faithfulness.

Specific Suggestion

We should pray for worship leaders in our church and nation.They are spiritual leaders who lead congregation in the worship. They bless us through their spiritual gift of worship to go to the presence of God. They are anointed to be worship leaders. Our intercessory prayer draws us closer to God and to each other where we exercise our spiritual gifts and exchange those gifts with each other. This kind of active service created the worshipful spirit. The significance of intercessory prayer can be understood by observing the church service. Before the service starts, pastors, elders, deacons and other church leaders gather at a certain room and pray for each other. Their intercessory prayers work in the worship service and every word of choruses and hymns penetrates in the depth of the congregation. The active worship touches the lives and transforms those lives and the church.

Reflection Point for Journal Entry

Worship is homage rendered to God. By exercising the act of worship in our daily lives, we feel intimacy with God. We go to college, volunteer in neighborhood, help charities, work hard and maintain integrity in work etc. We should take our responsibilities and accountability as an active act of worship. Whatever we do (in a positive sense), we should do as if it were for God. We should have spirit of worship. We need to long for that whatever it takes us to be a worshiper of the only true God. Besides, the practice of worship also help us to see the whole circumstances of our daily lives from God’s perspective. This perspective change the whole dynamic of our attitude and actions in this world.


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