Monday Devotion: Celebrating Confession

Reflecting on God’s forgiveness of our sins helps us to confess our sin. Recall the passion of Jesus Christ – his intense suffering and crucifixion. And meditate on the death of Christ. Then, we can conceive the picture of sacrifice of Jesus and his forgiveness to all who mocked, flogged, spitted, kicked, pinched, and condemned him. First, we might hardly believe that we are also one of them who crucified Jesus on the cross, but we will recognize ourselves eventually. We also come to realize that Roman soldiers crucified Jesus only one time, but we are crucifying Jesus through our impure and lustful thoughts every day.

Upon realizing how much we have disobeyed God, sometimes we might willing to confess our sins. We might feel uncomfortable to stand in awe before God and confess our sin. Our carnal nature might not corporate in doing so. And we also might think that God will or cannot forgive our sins. Richard Foster in his Spiritual Classic advises us to study some classic Christian writers’ work on related subjects like sin, forgiveness, and confession. He also encourages us to pray for illumination of our inner state of our mind and heart. Then, set some time for prayer and listening in solitude. And also seek guidance from fellow believers by confessing before them to experience the reality of God’s presence and forgiveness in the believing community.

Reflection Point for Journal 

As 1 John 1:5-10 says that if anyone claims that he or she has not sinned, a person is deceiving himself and making God a lair. He is not living in light but living in the darkness of the world. Such an individual has no communion with God. So, when we confess my sins and ask forgiveness from God, he is just and faithful who forgives our sins. His abundant grace flows from his life for us. We also walk in the light of God and have fellowship with him. Thus, the practice of confession lead us into a deeper experience of intimacy with God.

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