Monday Devotion: The Discipline of Confession

The Discipline of Confession 

Reading Notes

Crucifixion of Jesus Christ makes confession and the forgiveness of sins possible.

Confession is the mean of healing and transforming the inner spirit.

The discipline of confession helps the believer to grow into fullness of Jesus Christ.

Genuine confession becomes possible because of God’s grace and love.

Our presumption of the believing community as the fellowship of saints rather than the fellowship of redeemed sinner keeps us from genuine confession of our sins.

Mutual confession releases power to heal us from the deep sins and transforms us.

Confession begins in sorrow, but it ends in joy.

Confession leads us to change and brings an end to pretense.

Reflecting on Confession 

Sin is a universal element of the human condition which is contrary to God’s righteousness and holiness. Sin produces rampant characteristics in humanity which breaks the rules of God. In other words, sin leads to immorality and is a constraint of human conscience. 

A Light for the Path 

The apostle John emphasizes for confession of our sins in the Epistle of 1 John 1:5-10. He states that God is just and faithful to forgive our sins should we confess our sins. In addition, he cleanses us from all unrighteousness, because God wants his children to come in his light. Nothing can be hidden from his sight. There is no hidden sin before his sight. Next, if we say that we have not sinned and have no sin, we are deceiving ourselves. God hates pretense since no sinner can stand before God. Therefore, confession is a significant step to have communion with God.

Journal Reflections 

I do affirm and embrace the reality of what Jesus did for me on the cross. He suffered in his body being atonement for my sins and redeemed me from my original sins. He blotted my grave sins and washed them by his precious blood by shedding on the cross. I needed someone as a sacrifice who is holy and just for atonement. There was no one except Jesus who was holy. He did not even know sin, but he bore sins of humanity and gave his life as ransom for our sins. He brought life back that was once lost in sin.

And we are aware of the common condition of the believing community as a fellowship of once sinners but now redeemed people of God. I believe that no one comes to Christ with a clean mind, heart, and hand. Only those who see themselves as sinners in the sight of God come to know their true condition of their lives. So, they feel vacuum deep inside their hearts that longs for rest in Christ. The assembly of such people who once rebelled against God but now justified by faith through grace of God is a fellowship comes to God through confession of their sins. It is the fellowship of saints who are redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ.

No one was unblemished, pure of heart, righteous, and just before they were saved in Christ. Maybe the context in which someone sinned was different, or types of sin was different, but all have sinned against God and have fallen short of Glory. But the reality is, all are saved by grace of God, Jesus Christ. Therefore, one should not feel ashamed or fear to confess sin before the congregation.


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