Sunday Terminology: Panentheism

Panentheism comes from Greek words Pan [Παν] meaning- all (pl.en [εν]- in,  theos [θεος] – god. So, panentheism is a system of belief that asserts God is in the universe. This sounds more like pantheism; nevertheless, many differences lie in their worldview. Panentheists affirm that God is in all as contrary to pantheist view that God is all. Or “all in God” is pertaining to the entire universe that is in God. Thus, God and universe are ontologically two different entities. “They believe that God is in the world  much like a soul is in the body or a mind is in the brain. In other words, God has two aspects of existence: finite and infinite. The finite world is God’s body, and the infinite side is the immaterial aspect located beyond the world. Since the world changes, God changes also.” [1] Moreover, God in panentheism is considered as the necessity for the existence of the universe. Instead, the entire universe itself is the part of God, and some sort of eternal driving force is animating the universe. Therefore, God is greater than the universe.



[1] Norman Geisler and Joseph Holden, Living Loud: Defending your Faith (Nashville: Broadman and Holman Pub., 2002), 73. Print.


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