Lecture: Ken Boa on “How Can Christ be Only Way to God?”

Kenneth D. Boa, the president of Reflections Ministries, is actively engaged in a relational evangelism and discipleship ministry involving heavily in teaching, writing, and speaking in various conferences and meetings including weekly podcast. His recent publications include Conformed to His Image, Face to Face, Pursuing Wisdom, The Art of Living Well, Wisdom at Work, Living What You Believe, and Sacred Readings.

In this lecture, he addresses three world views in Answering the Tough Questions about Life and God Series. : Humanism, Transcendentalism and Theism. Boa deals with one of the toughest questions how Christ can be only God. Find out what Boa had to say about Christ being the only way to God.

Click here for mp3 Audio (50.06 min)


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