Monday Devotion: The Discipline of Submission

Reading Notes

The Discipline of Submission has been more abused than other spiritual disciplines.

Submission releases us from the covetousness, and enables us to yield ourselves to each other.

Only submission can free us to distinguish between genuine issues and stubborn self-will.

Submission helps us to value other people, relationship, and enables us to communicate each other in mutual subordination.

Through submission, we overcome our own bitterness and anger which is caused by general feeling of resistance from other people.

Submission adds meaning to our life by breaking the vicious law of commerce and retaliation.

Submission is due the word that has been given in spiritual authority.

Reflecting on Submission

Submission is an act of self-denial. Submission is the key to enter assemble of the humble saints of Jesus Christ.

First, we should understand that self-denial is the supreme example Jesus Christ presented in the earth. Being a Son of God, he denied his possession, status, and avoided unnecessary authority and dominion over people. Through these examples, we should learn that how we need to deny ourselves. And during this course, we need healthy sense of identity in Christ Jesus. We have to know ourselves who we are in Christ. Fear of losing identity does not allow us to submit ourselves.

A Light for the Path

            Submission is the first step we take right after we believe that Jesus is God. We submit ourselves acknowledging him as our God. In the process of spiritual growth, submission becomes complicated since we fail to understand the cost of self denial and reward of submission. Because of spiritual immaturity or spiritual blindness, we want to show off that we are also someone special in the community. We will have fear of losing our identity due to lack of proper sense of our new identity in Christ. Submission is distorted to weaker identity, but the Word of God in Philippians 2:3-8 talks about self-denial which is the submission to others.

To deny myself is not an easy task as I talk or preach easily to other people. I have to lose everything for the sake of Christ. Submission demands unconditional service, humility, meekness, and sacrifice of our wills. No one wants to be a crew behind curtain in the play, but everyone desires to flaunt and seeks appraisal from others in this world. We want our interest should be prioritized highly than others. In this context, selfishness and pride do not allow us to be submissive in heart and mind. We will start behave people how they behave us, and gradually we are losing the reward from God and fellowship with his people. In the same way as Jesus humbled himself and became obedient to the point of his death in cross, we also should be humble which makes us submissive to God and toward his people. Then, we shall be interested in the lives of other people, and regard other people better than ourselves without selfish ambition and conceit.

Journal Reflections

As Roy Hession says in his book, “The Calvary Road” that whoever comes to Christ must be brokenhearted for the sake of Christ. Further, he says that people must break themselves beneath the cross of God. We must completely deny ourselves and carry our cross, the symbol of hatred, rejection, curse, and so on every day. It means, in truest sense, to be like a much more than slave. When I think of my present comfort zone, reputation, and life, I hardly can completely submit myself to God. Sometimes, I fear to be broken completely for his purpose. When we submit, it hurts us because it breaks us, but it also bestows freedom from every burden of our life. Thence, I occasionally feel hard to submit utterly to God.

I am here in Kuyper as an international student. I came here to learn from the Word of God. I should not forget my purpose of being here. Therefore, I must submit myself to all authorities who are commissioned and ordained by God himself. Then, I shall be able to learn in humbleness by put the discipline of submission into practice.


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