Interview: Dr. Daniel Block on “Love Wins”

Stuart McAllister

Last month, web servers were too busy after Rob Bell‘s book “Love Wins” hit the shelves causing quite a stir in the evangelical world. Comments which most of them were negative filled the blogs and all sorts of social media. Some people even before reading the book started labelling Bell a heretic. Every show Bell appeared asked the first question if he was universalist. Richard Mouw, President of Fuller Seminary blogged sympathizing Bell’s view on heaven, hell, and jugdment. He could not defend Bell but had to blog again; this time, for clearing his view on the book and how he understands Bell’s orthodoxy.

Bell in his book “Love Wins” asks many question on hell, sin, and God’s ultimate judgment. This week Stuart McAllister, the Vice-President for Training and Special Projects for RZIM, sat down with Dr. Daniel Block, Professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College to discuss on this book to sort through some of Bell’s claims.

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3 thoughts on “Interview: Dr. Daniel Block on “Love Wins””

    1. I don’t know if the audio has to do something with browser, running script, or something like that. I checked it again with IE9, Chrome 11, and Firefox 5 in my laptop and desktop. And the audio worked in them. So, I’ve no clue what’s stopping you from playing the audio. Anyways, thanks for bringing this issue into attention. Here is the direct link of the audio interview.
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