Interview: Jeremy A. Evans on The Problem of Hell

What is hell? Is it real place for eternal damnation? What does it entail? Did Jesus mean it literally or metaphorically? What is the doctrine of hell, and why should anyone believe in hell? What about universalism or annihilationism? What is the fate of those who have not received Jesus as the Savior? If God is a loving God that we preach, then how could a loving God send people to hell? Does this act not contradict to his loving nature? These questions are not easy ones to answer for anyone. This is a must-listen interview by Mike Licona to Dr. Jeremy Evans of the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. In this interview, Evans discusses various differing and divided views concerning the nature of hell held by Christians. For further study, check out Four Views on Hell.

“Hell is a place of separation from God”

Find it at, an excellent resource.

Full Interview Audio mp3 here. (1 hr)


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