Monday Devotion: Celebrating Study

Suggestions for Further Reading of Celebration of Discipline

When we are going to cook some new recipe, first we read, then study about the recipe. We repeat it until we understand all the steps what it takes to be come a delicious dish. Second, we concentrate on what we read. Third, we comprehend it. Finally, we reflect on our comprehension when we cook. A delicious meal will be prepared to be served! The Discipline of Study also serves us in the same way. It surely helps us to know and analyze the things right and wrong and follow the right way. For example, if we do not know what it means to deny ourselves, we cannot understand the depth of fellowship with God and walking with him. Walking with him does not demand to walk with Jesus in flesh since he has been ascended to heaven for two thousand years. But when we study the Word of God deeply applying these four  steps: repetition, concentration, comprehension, and reflection, then we will be able to know what Jesus meant.

In my opinion, the patterns of thought mostly shape our behaviors, values, and beliefs. As said, “Positive thought impact positive attitude; positive attitude impact positive behavior”. It is true that our positive attitudes play key role to model our behaviors. Then, we can understand the values of our life and the universe. These behaviors and values help us to shape our belief on true God. The bottom line is; we should practice the discipline of study in order to get knowledge.

The Discipline of study and meditation overlap when we reflect on our study. During our study, we progress step by step according to Foster. From repetition, concentration, comprehension, and reflection, we come to know the purpose of our study. Likewise, we follow some slightly different steps during meditation. We repeat our readings. Then, we try to understand the meaning of our study by concentrating on it. Even though we do not understand the meaning of what we read, we meditate on it to know what it means to us. Finally, we try to reflect on our study.

Specific Suggestions

I selected the extended passage from the Gospel of John for study. I followed the four basic steps to study this book. I chose one passage and read it over and over. I memorized and prayed for openness, clarity, and illumination of heart, mind, and spirit to understand the passage. As soon as I memorized the basic things from the passage, I concentrated on the details of the passage to find out what, who, where, and when situations. I noted some points and questions of my own. I searched for theme and purpose. Followed by comprehension, I sought the basic meaning of the passage. I analyzed my situation and circumstance while I read the passage. Again, I synthesized my understanding on the passage to find out if the passage was related to my own circumstance. Finally, I asked God to reveal the truth from the passage. I tried to find them out how they were relevant to my understanding of my life, my relationship with God, and relationship with his people.

Reflection Points for Journal Entry

Most often I do not study nonverbal books. After spending some time on the Discipline of study, I enjoyed practice of study on nonverbal books. Nature revealed God’s creation and his glory to me that I could not even understand his simplest creation by my mind. God revealed him through relationship with other people. I came to see how God value relationship with his people too.


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