Monday Devotion: The Discipline of Study

5th February 2008

Reading Notes

– The discipline of study is the main medium to make us think about the truth.

– The knowledge of truth comes through studying the Word of God that sets us free.

– Verbal and nonverbal books are used in study.

– Study involves four steps: repetition, concentration, comprehension, and reflection.

– Study needs humility, and we should have teachable hearts of students.

-Verbal study contains books, and nonverbal study contains nature, human relationships, events, and culture.

– Study produces joy.

Reflecting on Study

The word ‘study’ brings an image of being quite concentrated while reading. When I hear the word, it conjures an image as a man reading in solitude. His focus is fully on the writings. He seems like meditating, and no one can distract him from his focus.

In my study, I apply these four components of the Discipline of study – repetition, concentration, comprehension, and reflection. I need thoughtful study of the Word of God. I often do not understand a book or long articles in the first reading. Then, I keep repeating the readings until I do not understand what the word, or passage, or page is trying to say. I concentrate on what I read to find out the theme and purpose of writing. I try to make the readings comprehensive. Gradually, I come to understand the theme and purpose. Thence, I reflect on the whole readings which I have comprehended.

A Light For The Path

In the passage of John 8:31-32, Jesus tells his disciples to know what the truth is which can set them free. Here, I think to know means to repeat what you read or heard and concentrate on them until you will not comprehend them. As comprehension is not enough, reflect on your own understanding to know if it is true or false. Thereafter knowing the truth, it will keep us free from our own thoughts, understandings and influence of others. Richard Foster also says that no ecstatic experience, good feelings and getting higher can free us.

Journal Reflections

I got the privilege to learn about the development stages of study. These four steps: repetition, concentration, comprehension, and reflection helped me to form a concrete base for developing my studies. During work on the discipline of study, I realized how other reference books are helping me in my study. Besides, I felt that I also could learn from nonverbal books which I had never thought about them.

Most often I use reference books during studying. And I find them the most suited to my personality and interest. Sometimes, nature, events, institution, and cultures also help me to learn. I see God’s wonderful creation and his power in them. I come to the realization through them how great our God is . They convict me of my need how much I should abide in God and know his will after knowing his grandeur and manifestation of his work on them.


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